Improve Your Look with Our Gummy Smile Surgery in Los Angeles

Improve Your Look with Our Gummy Smile Surgery in Los Angeles

It is not unusual for people to feel self-conscious about their smile, particularly where they have problems such as crooked teeth, or an overexposed. While it is very common for people in the United States to look for cosmetic treatment for their misaligned teeth, it is less usual for them to consider doing the same thing for a smile which over exposes their gums. If you want to take the steps to improving your smile, then you should try Gummy smile surgery in Los Angeles.

How the Gums Affect Your Smile

If you are one of the many people in the country who have a gummy smile, then you may be suffering from a number of different conditions. For example, one of the most common problems is that the gums have overgrown the teeth, leading to short teeth with a considerable amount of gum line exposed. Another common condition that we treat at the surgery is a high lip line, caused by the lip moving excessively inwards during the smile. These issues can be treated with simple therapies.

We Help You Avoid Unnecessary Surgery

You may have visited other dentists in the past, and have been told that you require a difficult and expensive operation, including jawline surgery, in order to correct your particular problem. However, if you have the problem of excessive upper lip movement, then it may be possible to correct your gummy smile in our surgery using a far simpler and more affordable method. This gives you excellent results, and improves your smile, without the need for prolonged surgical treatments.

Let Us Improve Your Smile

Whether you are worried about short teeth, excessive gum tissue, or a thinning lip line, we can provide you with the treatment necessary in order to ensure that you get a much better smile. You might want to ensure that your gum line is reduced, or try to prevent the excessive movement of your upper lip. Whatever you want, our gummy smile surgery in Los Angeles can improve your smile, and allow you to feel more confident in a business or social setting. To start making your smile amazing, call us on 310-928-1796, or contact us through the form on our website. We can help you with a variety of different treatment designed to reduce the excessive appearance of gums when you smile.

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