Improve Your Smile with Our Gum Whitening Los Angeles Service

Improve Your Smile with Our Gum Whitening Los Angeles Service

Your smile should be something that you are proud of, and it can be a useful tool in business and social situations. However, many people are ashamed of their smile, either due to missing teeth, a misaligned smile, or problems with their gums. They might, for example, show too much gum when they smile, or they could be suffering from significantly darkened gums. If your problem is a discolored gum line that is exposed when smiling, then you should try our Gum whitening Los Angeles service and treatment range.

Your Smile and Gum Discoloration

Dark or discolored gums occur for a number of reasons. The majority of cases occur as a result of melanin building up within the gum tissue, turning pink comes into something which is brown or even black. Those with darker skin tones or genetic susceptibility to melanin tend to be more susceptible to this, but it can affect others as well. Smoking can increase the likelihood of gum discoloration, and medication or infections in the gum line can also develop this discoloration. Cosmetic treatment is one solution to this problem.

Treatment for Discolored Gums

One of the best options for improving the look of dark gums is to use our gum bleaching or whitening treatment. This can take as little as an hour, and can be customized in order to ensure that the patient is receiving the right amount of bleach for their discoloration levels. The therapy uses a completely safe lightning method in order to painlessly reduce the amount of discoloration in the gums, and may be combined with a laser treatment in order to enhance the overall appearance of the gums.

Change the Look Of Your Gums Today

We can treat your gum discoloration easily, and you can see noticeable signs of improvement within a single session. Our Gum whitening Los Angeles service also means that you can have laser lightening treatments for several sessions, allowing you to get the best results for patches. You can also get a high quality follow-up in order to ensure that your jaw gum line is still pale. Talk to us today to start making your smile amazing, by calling us on 310-928-1796, or contacting us through the form on our website, and either booking an appointment for assessment or discussing your treatment needs with our specialist dental teams.

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