What Is a Gummy Smile?

Though many people can find treatment procedures for common cosmetic issues related to their smile, dealing with unsightly gums can be stressful for many people who are not aware of revolutionary techniques available to fix the problem that are relatively non-invasive, quick and able to complete their perfect smile. In fact, people from all over the world are traveling to Beverly Hills, CA to correct their gummy smiles and receiving excellent treatment from celebrity periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh. Patients seeking the most advanced in procedures to correct their gummy smiles flock to the office of Dr. Farnoosh not only because of his expertise in creating the perfect smile, but he is also the founder of the most innovative methods in cosmetic gum modification.

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What are the different types of “gummy smiles” that can be corrected? The Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Farnoosh Answers:

Fortunately, virtually all types of gummy smiles can be altered to give you the best smile possible. The common sentiment among people with gummy smiles is that that their teeth are too short and that any procedure to correct the problem will be costly and invasive. The truth is that Dr. Farnoosh’s techniques were developed with the patient’s comfort and happiness in mind ensuring that anyone leaving his office will be extremely satisfied with the result. The varying types of gummy smiles that can be corrected include: overgrown gums, extra gum tissue after orthodontic treatment, extra gum tissue growth as a result of medications, high lip line smiles, shortened teeth as a result of them being worn down and dried out gums as a result of mouth breathing. No matter what dental, lip or gum problem one may have that causes them to have a gummy smile, Dr. Alex Farnoosh approaches each case with a detailed treatment plan. He is simply the best choice in cosmetic gum correction.

What are the treatment options and procedures available to correct a gummy smile?
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Until recently, patients had to undergo painful and expensive procedures that included orthognactic surgery. This treatment was associated with long recovery time and uncomfortable complications following the procedure. Luckily, Dr. Alex Farnoosh has pioneered a remarkable Lip Lowering Procedure that is practically non-invasive. The procedure involves repositioning and lowering of the upper lip combined with minor cosmetic surgery. Due to the skill and expertise associated with this process, this highly specialized treatment is not performed by many other periodontists. Dr. Alex Farnoosh is one of the only dental professionals in the country able to perform and execute the Lip Lowering Procedure with incredible results.

Dr. Alex Farnoosh is committed to making sure his patients receive the best in comfort and care while undergoing any cosmetic process to fix a gummy smile. As a top celebrity periodontist, Dr. Farnoosh is the first choice in making you look like a star. The moment you leave his Beverly Hills office, you will feel like a celebrity knowing you now have the smile you always wanted, the perfect smile.