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    Gummy Smile Treatment in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

    A beautiful smile is a smile in which all the parts create a harmonious, balanced appearance. Your teeth, gums and lips should all be properly proportionate. Unfortunately, an otherwise attractive smile can be affected by excess gum tissue. This tissue can cover just a small amount of the teeth or the majority of the teeth. It may be limited to just one tooth or affect an entire smile full of teeth. A gummy smile does not have to ruin your smile; the right treatments can restore your smile confidence.

    Dr. Alex Farnoosh has helped patients from around the world and from all walks of life. He has extensive expertise in correcting gummy smiles and creating beautifully artistic smiles that flatter the patient and his or her entire look. He has not only perfected the process but also offers innovative treatments that he has designed himself. After evaluating your smile, he can make personalized recommendations to better meet your needs. He may suggest one or several procedures to adjust the muscles of your lips, eliminate excess tissues or erase stains and treat discolored gums.

    Many gummy smile issues can be corrected using the methods developed by Dr. Farnoosh. He has several techniques for creating the desired results. Dr. Farnoosh uses detailed treatment plans that address the individual needs of each patient to ensure the best possible result.

    Many patients can complete their gummy smile treatments during a single appointment, but some patients may need additional procedures or treatments. Dr. Farnoosh offers noninvasive and surgical treatments, including a highly specialized procedure that is performed by just a handful of periodontists, including Dr. Alex Farnoosh, who is known to provide patients with unparalleled results.

    If you are a candidate for a gummy smile procedure, Dr. Farnoosh will evaluate your teeth and gums first to ensure that they are healthy and free of disease. After evaluating your smile, we will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Whether your smile has been marred by a high lip line, an overgrowth of tissue or another problem, we have a solution that will work for you. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can give you the smile that you want or to schedule your consultation.

    Why choose Dr. Farnoosh to treat your discolored gums?

    • He is the inventor of treatment for Dark Gums
    • He has unparalleled, exceptional credentials & Internationally recognized expert with more than 40 publications.
    • Has follow up results for 25 years
    • Has successfully treated more than 1000 patients from all over the world.
    • Has treated his own discolored gums 25years ago and it is still pink & beautiful.

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