The Best Treatment for Dark Gums in Los Angeles

The Best Treatment for Dark Gums in Los Angeles

If you have dark gums, it is common to feel self conscious and want them to become brighter and more pink like most people. While some people may be able to embrace their dark gums, it is common for a person to want them to change and be like most other human beings. In fact, if you have dark gums, chances are you are scared to smile in public, or find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh. At Gummy Smile, we want our clients to feel confident with their smile and share it with the world. Our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh is an expert in treating dark gums and will find the treatment that works best to showcase your beautiful smile. Read on to learn more about Gummy Smile and why we have the best treatment for dark gums in Los Angeles.

The Process

At Gummy Smile we take the state of your gums seriously. Before we even can begin your treatment for dark gums we first have to evaluate your gums to make sure that they are completely healthy and free of diseases. Often dark gums are a major indicator that you are unhealthy, so this step is crucial to making sure we are not simply masking a more serious issue. After your evaluation, we come up with a treatment plan that works for you and the state of your gums. Trust Gummy Smile to make sure that your smile is in tip top shape at all times.


At Gummy Smile, your gums will be handled by an experienced professional who is dedicated to the state of your gums. Dr. Alex Farnoosh has worked with over one thousand patients and has follow up results for his dark gum treatment for twenty-five years. Not to mention he is an internationally recognized expert in his field that has published over 40 publications.

It is time to take charge of the way that you want to look. Trust Gummy smile to provide you with that smile that you have always wanted. Go to our website at for a complimentary consultation on the state of your gums. To set up an appointment contact us at 310-928-1796. There is no reason for you to stay ashamed of your smile! Contact us today for the best treatment for dark gums in Los Angeles!

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