Answering Questions about Gum Bleaching in Los Angeles

Answering Questions about Gum Bleaching in Los Angeles

When you have a darker color to your gums, it is only natural that you have concerns about the way that it looks. While you may not have a health issue that is causing the problem and you practice good dental hygiene, nothing you do seems to make a difference. What many people do not know is that dark gums can be the product of genetics, the result of medications that you take or some other factors that may have nothing to do with your health. You should also know that there are steps you can take to change that discoloration back to the pink look that you want. Here at the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh, we regularly answer questions regarding gum bleaching in Los Angeles, so our clients understand just what to expect.

Is the Process Easy?

The gum bleaching process that we provide in our office is much easier than what you may experience with other cosmetic dentists or periodontists. Our process involves a bleaching technique combined with dermabrasion to help remove the dark gum tissue permanently. A topical agent is applied to the tissue before treatment to numb everything, and typically the treatment gets completed in just one visit to the office. Most people experience no discomfort at all following the procedure and you can return to your normal lifestyle immediately after treatment.

What are the Benefits?

Many people wonder why they may want to get gum bleaching in Los Angeles in the first place. If you have concerns about the way your gum tissue looks to you and others, it may be affecting your confidence and self-esteem. You may feel embarrassed about the way your gums look, making you smile less and go out less in social situations. With our treatment, we can give you the look you want for your gums so that you feel better about yourself, get your confidence back and are happy to smile more.

Meet with Dr. Farnoosh

If you have other questions regarding our gum bleaching in Los Angeles, please feel free to call us at the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh at 310-928-1796. A member of our staff will help answer your questions and schedule an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh for an exam and consultation so you can discuss the options with him and find out how proper gum bleaching can change the way you look and feel.

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