Correcting a Gummy Smile

Even if you may not realize it yourself, the smile that you have and portray to others is one of the focal points of your face. People are naturally drawn to it and if there is something that may look a little different about your smile it can be noticed right away. That is why so many people feel self-conscious about the smiles they have. They look at their own reflections in the mirror and find the faults they think others are going to see as well. Such is the case for people that may have excess gum tissue showing when they smile, what is commonly known as gummy smile. You can go about correcting a gummy smile with the help of the right dentist and periodontist.

Why Gummy Smile Happens

Having a gummy smile is not from anything that you may have done and is not related to your health or hygiene. It is simply a matter of genetics and something that you can be born with. There is more gum tissue in your mouth that then works to cover up portions of your teeth, hiding your teeth from view. There are different extremities that people can have of this issue and while some may be barely noticeable, other cases can be much more prominent. Whatever your particular case may be, it is good to know that there are treatments available that can help you with this problem.

Getting the Right Treatment

Up until recent history, the only real treatment that was available was surgery that could often be quite painful during recovery and was not always effective. Thanks to the advances made in technology and science, there are now methods that involve just some minor cosmetic surgery and can even be non-invasive depending on the severity of your case. A visit to your periodontist, who can perform an examination and evaluation of your mouth, teeth and gums, will let you know what the best course of action and treatment can be for you.
Instead of feeling embarrassed about the smile that you have, with the right corrective procedures you can get rid of that gummy smile and feel better about yourself and the way you look. Reach out to your dentist and periodontist today so you can start to talk about the options that may be available to you for correcting a gummy smile.

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