Gummy Smile Treatment in Los Angeles – Know More About the Options

Gummy Smile Treatment in Los Angeles

Having the perfect smile is the dream of many people. You would love to be able to look at picture after picture of yourself in your photos or on social media accounts of friends and family and see a great smiling looking back at you, but you are having a problem seeing that in yourself. All you see when you look at a picture or yourself in the mirror are your gums hiding your teeth from view. Feeling this way can make you feel very self-conscious and have you smiling a lot less. The condition you are experiencing, known as “gummy smile,” is one that many people experience. It is good for you to know that you are not alone and that you can get gummy smile treatment in Los Angeles from cosmetic dentists. Some of the treatment options available are:


Gingivoplasty is a long word term for the excision of the excess gum tissue in your mouth. It is sometimes referred to as gum contouring. In this treatment the excess gum tissue is removed from the top parts of your teeth. This will help to make your teeth look longer and take away the extra tissue you have on your gums. Today this procedure is primarily done through the use of laser technology and is very minimally invasive to you.

Injection Treatments

There have been many advances made in medicine and technology in recent years and the use of injections as a treatment for gummy smile has become more popular. The use of Botox injected into the upper lip can help the lip lift upward so that there are less of your gums exposed when you smile. The treatment typically lasts for several months before starting to wear off, so you may need to have multiple treatments to maintain the look you want.

Gummy Smile Treatment in Los Angeles

Lip Lowering

In this typical treatment, the gum tissue that is beneath your upper lip is re-attached to the lip, bringing your lip line closer to your teeth so that less of your gums show when you smile.

With several treatment options available to you, you will want to be sure to meet with an experienced cosmetic dentist to get an evaluation and see what treatment may work the best for you. You can then have the procedure done so that you can take care of that gummy smile and have the attractive smile that you want.

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