Successful Ways to Deal with a Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

Have you noticed that when you look in the mirror that it seems like your front teeth are covered up by your gums? This look may cause you to feel self-conscious and smile less often for fear that others might notice. You may be dealing with an issue that is often referred to as a gummy smile, a condition where there is excess gum tissue that goes over your teeth. There can be a number of physical reasons why you have this look but once you notice that you have it you not only may become more aware of it but will want to see if there is anything you can do about it. There are a few successful ways to deal with gummy smile and you may want to see a gummy smile Los Angeles expert to help you out. Some methods of dealing with this issue include:
• Surgical Options – There are several different surgical options that are available to treat gummy smile. Some procedures are more difficult and complex than others and may involve orthognathic surgery or periodontal surgery. Some surgical options can involve painful procedures and recovery times while others may make use of lasers to help in contouring the gums into the right shape and removing the excess gum tissue.
• Botox – Botox options have become more available in recent years thanks to the innovations that have occurred involving the use of Botox. Botox is used on the upper lip to make it fit more correctly over your gum line to obscure more of the gum tissue. Many people are choosing this particular method for treatment because it is much less non-invasive than surgical options and can be just as effective in treatment.
• Lip Contouring – Lip contouring procedures have been one of the more recent innovations in the treatment of gummy smile. These procedures involve a combination of non-invasive and minor surgical procedures to adjust the position of the upper lip so that you do not have the high lip line anymore.

Gummy Smile
Since there are various options available to you to deal with a gummy smile, you will want to discuss all of your options with a cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist can conduct an evaluation and exam to determine just where the problem areas may be for you and what type of treatment will be the most effective for your particular case.

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