What Causes Discolored Gums in Los Angeles?

What Causes Discolored Gums in Los Angeles

You may have had issues with your gums since you were a child but had never really noticed it before until you reached your adult years. You may see that your gum tissue looks to be much darker in color than what you may see in other people. This can cause concern for you because you may not be sure just why your gums look this way and you may worry that something is wrong. It is only natural that you would want to go see your doctor or dentist to discuss this issue and learn more about it, but it may lead you to the question of – what causes discolored gums in Los Angeles?

It can be Hereditary

One of the potential causes of the dark gums that you may have has nothing at all to do with your dental hygiene practices, how often you brush your teeth or what you eat and drink. Instead, it may simply be a result of your genetics. There are certain ethnic groups that are more prone to having dark gums or a darker pigment to their gum tissue and if you are part of one of these ethnic groups it can occur to you. Obviously, the pigmentation is through nothing that you may have done on your own if this is the case.

Potential Medical Issues

What Causes Discolored Gums in Los Angeles

There are some cases of discolored gums in Los Angeles that can actually be traced back to particular medical causes. There are some people that may take certain types of medications for long periods of time that can cause this type of problem. The medicines will alter the color of your gum tissue and make them look darker. This is not any type of indication of a health problem on your part but simply a result or side effect of taking the medicine that you have. While in some cases you may be able to switch medications or stop the medication after consulting with your doctor, for others the medication may be completely necessary, causing you to have to find another way to deal with this condition.

What can be done?

If you were dealing with discolored gums in Los Angeles, you should know that there are potential treatments available to you. You are going to want to make an appointment with the office of Dr. Alex Farnoosh by calling 310-928-1796 so that you can make an appointment for an exam and consultation. Dr. Farnoosh is an expert in the treatment of dark gums and can provide you with viable options that can help you get rid of the discoloration permanently.

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